You can support gender equality and women’s empowerment in India by getting involved in a number of ways, so write to us or contact us to be a part of our partner network or associate network. You can be involved in donations, fund raising or by investing your time in our associate program to create change at the ground level. 

Take part in one of Lajja Foundation’s campaigns or professional networks; raise awareness on social media; or donate to help us achieve our mission. Your voice matters. Your actions make it real.


There are many women in India who dream of changing their lives and we need your support to make this a reality. There are different ways you can get associated with Lajja Foundation to help improve their financial situation, dignity, and empower them to reclaim their freedom.

Get involved to transform lives and bring about irreversible social change! Become a part of our dream to form a gender equal India. Interested individuals can get in touch with us to acquire further information on becoming a part of our organization.

Why Lajja?

Our work is innovative, truly transformative, and team Lajja consists of young change makers who understand the issues that new India faces in terms of gender equality. We focus on creating transformation in women’s lives, one small step at a time.

Associate Program:

You need not donate monetarily, but can give us your most valuable resource – your time! We have various associate opportunities whereby you can use your skills to help women on a case to case basis across the country. This can be done both in person as well as remotely. To know more details, please get in touch with Team Lajja and also drop us your resume for us to assess and find the right cause and match. 

Associate Program:

Women make up 70 per cent of health and social sector workers and do three times the amount of unpaid care work. Right now, we are relentlessly advocating on behalf of women on the front lines of the fight against by COVID-19 as well. They need support so they can continue caring for us all. Make a donation today! We are currently running “The Second Chance Program” and “Project Sahayta”. To know more details, please get in touch with Team Lajja.